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Title: The WAY
Platform: PC / iOS / Android
Genre: Adventure
Release date: X 2014
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Journey to another planet and spend your life discovering its secrets in order to bring back your loved one. PC/Mac/Linux

Enjoy the video in HQ on Vimeo:

The Way is a 2d puzzle platformer game inspired by classic titles like Another World,Heart of Darkness and Flashback. Seeing the remakes and re-releases of those titles we realised that there are no new games that would have similar spirit and gameplay.

It is a real shame, because those were some of our favorite titles back in the day and we still play them once in a while. Revisiting those games always makes us wish for something new that would deliver the similar experience and emotions.

We decided to fill in this empty spot by creating our own game - The Way!

Without giving too much away, The Way tells a story about a member of space explorers team, who lost his beloved one and cannot accept her death. Finding ancient writtings on eternal existence during one of his last expeditions makes him come back there in search of the meaning of life itself.

He will soon know that the planet has its own secrets and problems that he will need to face in order to get what he is looking for.

  • Immersing sci-fi story,
  • Unique alien planet to explore,
  • Retro pixelart style rich with animations,
  • Emphasis on the atmosphere and emotions,
  • Multi-function alien artifact (telekinesis, relfective shield and teleportation!),
  • Mind-bending puzzles,
  • Level design inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces.

Some examples of the animated artwork we have created so far for the game:

Alien robotAlien robot
Alien creatureAlien creature
Earth military droidEarth military droid
Earth military mechEarth military mech

Kickstarter is our most direct link to The Way future players (this means You!). This is your opportunity to express whether or not you would like to see our game finished and published.

Concept and final versionConcept and final version

The Way is a unique and creative project that we would love to create for those of you who have dreamed of the chance to immerse yourself in a new game like Another World,Heart of Darkness or Flashback.

If you want to make this project a reality please consider supporting us here and spread the word! If enough of you support the project, you will get this game sooner than you can say "my god - it's full of stars!".

Some of the concept artSome of the concept art

90% of the funds that are raised will go directly into the production of the game. 5% is used to produce the physical rewards. Finally, 5% is paid to Kickstarter/Amazon for providing their services.

Concept and final versionConcept and final version

To date, we have invested over $20,000 into the preproduction, design, and development, and we can see (and hopefully you can see it as well!) how fun this project will be.

Applying everything we can of your contributions toward development is the only way to make this game happen.

Concept and final versionConcept and final version
  • $15,000 CAD - Initial Funding Goal.
  • $20,000 CAD - Language Translations We will add more languages to the basic English version so more people can enjoy the game.
  • $25,000 CAD - iOS/Android/OUYA More supported platforms. Enjoy The Way on your favorite smartphone/tablet or on the indie's favorite console!
  • $35,000 CAD - Bonus Chapter A whole new level to explore and extra puzzles to solve in a new enviorment.
  • $50,000 CAD - Animated Cutscenes Digitally drawn cinematic cutscenes at the end of each chapter, intro and endings.
  • $100,000 CAD - PS/XBOX Even more platforms! The game will be brought to the major console market!
  • Everything more than this will be used to buy tremendous amounts of coffee to speed up the development time.

Rewards fall into two categories:

  • Digital Rewards that are distributed though Steam and/or by other electronic means,
  • Physical Rewards that will be distributed through the traditional mail.

Please note that all physical rewards have an additional shipping cost for supporters living outside Canada.

$10 CAD ─ ASTRONAUT (Early Bird)

You will get DRM-free digital copy of the game (Limited 33% discount for early birds!) and your name will be rightfully placed in the credits.


You will get DRM-free digital copy of the game and your name will be rightfully placed in the credits.


Every previous reward + digital soundtrack download.


Every previous reward + you will be drawn in pixelart (same style as characters in the game) by our artist! + awesome 3D picture for you to print and assemble according to simple instructions!


Every previous reward + your pixelart drawing (see previous reward) will be animated according to your wishes! + pins and stickers!


Every previous reward + we will create an alien creature of your design and feature it in the game! + physical copy of the soundtrack + poster.


Every previous reward + your guest appearance in the game as a NPC + T-shirt + exclusive boxed version of the game!

Panu Talus - Music/Sound Design

The person behind the music in the trailer, talented ambient musician and die-hard Vangelis fan. Mostly known for composing soundtracks for short games made in AGS.

Paul Matysik - Art/Animation/Level Design

Artist with IT education - always inspired by Sid Mead, H. R. Giger and other legendary painters favored by the sci-fi fandom. Now he is hard working pixel builder on our team!

Blaise Sanecki- Programming/Storytelling

Not sure who he is - found him in the office once. He writes good code so we let him stay. He claims to love adventure games of old and retro gaming in general.

(Each description was written by the remaining 2 members of the team. Not sure why!)

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Every game (especially non-casual titles) requires a lot of work and dedication. Story has to be written, levels designed, artwork drawn, code typed in, music composed and sounds recorded.

The problems can arise in each of those areas. This requires a team of capable and responsible people. We consider ourselves to be such a team - we can handle this project and make it happen.

We already invested a lot of time and money into the development process. We already had some problems and we have overcome them instead of giving up. We intend to continue our work untill the game is finished, polished and released.

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