Construction Machines 2014 -release

Title: Construction Machines 2014
Publisher: PlayWay SA
Platform: PC
Genre: build simulation
Release date: 19.09.2013

Become a boss of a construction company. Demolish old houses, flatten the ground, fill foundations with concrete and build new buildings - this is what you do. Sit behind the wheel of different construction machines - from trucks and diggers to huge cranes. Win contracts and gather money to expand your company and buy or upgrade your machines.


  • - advanced physics and interaction with environment
  • - 8 different construction machine types
  • - realistic handling
  • - 20 contracts to fullfill
  • - additional challenges and free play mode

Game trailer

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1. Wireframe View
2. Solid View
3. Vertex Ambient Occlusion
4. Texture Mapping
5. Shadow Mapping
6. Material Shaders
7. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Vignette
8. HDR, Tone Mapping
9. Light Scattering, Film Grain
10. Bokeh Depth of Field
11. Motion Blur
12. Bloom
13. Color Correction

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