Casual Connect 2012 in Hamburg


PlayWay at Casual Connect 2012 in Hamburg!


Let' s meet at Casual Connect in Hamburg!
If you would like to schedule a meeting feel free to contact us at: pr/at/
See you there!


PlayWay S.A .is a new company founded in 2011 to create good quality games for PC, mobile platforms and consoles. We have passion for games and skills to develope interesting titles. Let‘ s meet at Casual Connect !


We have a few nice casual games in development:


Titanic Museum lets you visit the interior of Titanic and solve a few challenging puzzles. The game is coming to PC next year.

Banshee Hronicles - H.O.P.A.


Hot Farm: Africa is a time management PC game which takes place in an exotic environment. Are you bored with standard farming games? HF:A gives you a new farming experience!

Pony World 2 is a PC game for kids. It‘ s really colorful and fun!


Tap Police gives you tons of stunning action. Be prapared for an exiciting arcade experience for Android!




Kamil Strzyżewski