Title: Accident
Release date : Q3 2018
Genre: Simulator
Publisher: PlayWay SA
Steam : Accident 




In the game Accident, you play the role of a car crash witness. Evaluate the condition of survivors, decide who to help first and take action! If you take a wrong decision, rewind time. Will you be able to save everyone?

Examin survivors' state

Evaluate the survivors' conditions and get to work! In case of doubts, call the emergency operator to get all necessary information.

Make decisions

Who to help first? How to do it the best way? By helping the wrong way, you can put other people's life in danger, or even your own. Think twice but remember - time's running out!

Rewind time

You made a bad choice? You didn't manage to save all the wounded victims? You have the chance to fix that! Rewind time and try again.Find the reasons behind accidents
When you're helping someone, every second counts, there's no time for deep examinations on the reasons behind the accident. But at the end of your rescue mission, you'll be able to analyze the whole situation and find out what caused the accident.

Various rescue mission scenarios

Be part of different rescue missions: from simple car bumps to serious chain-reaction crashes in various settings and weather conditions. Gain experience, knowledge and increasingly better rescue equipment.

Face the consequences

You may be questioned by the police after a crash, a survivor might want to thank you, or a family member would like to know of the last moments of their relative's life? Face the consequences of your actions.