Farm Machines Champ. PC screens

New game Farm Machines Championships is in 60% development of PC version.
Game is planed for PC, XOBX 360, and for next consoles.

Some new screenshots from development proces.

Farm Machines Championships (Spring 2011)
The ultimate farmers showdown. Sit behind the wheel of tractors and harvesters to see who is the fastest and most accurate farmer in the competition. Compete in many different events, that require speed and accuracy - harvesting wheat, ploughing the field, bricking the straw etc.
- different farming machines: tractors, harvesters, plows, balers etc.
- events that require speed and accuracy
- realistic handling

- 8 different tractors - from 52hp to 290hp
- lots of farm machines - from small plows and harrows to huge seed
drill combinations, reapers, harvesters and balers.
- realistic handling of tractors and machines
- 8 plants with different cultivation methods
- realistic cultivation process
- economy and strategy elements
- easy to start gameplay for beginners and free-play scenario for
farming maniacs.
- Open environment with beautiful 3D graphics and effects.
- Possible mod implementations