Cook It Up - cooming to iOS

Title: Cook It Up
Publisher: PlayWay SA
Android, iOS
Release date:
Q3 2013

Upgraded edition, now on iOS soon!

Help young Oliver achieve his dream to become a Master Chef and step up to each culinary challenge to make your restaurant the best in town! You'll be chopping, slicing, frying, mixing and baking your way through the game, you'll even have to mop the floors! There are over 30 tasks to complete from mopping the floors to preparing complex signature dishes, so roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Key Features:

Experience the real feeling of cooking using the gesture-based actions
A career spanning well over 30 levels working from kitchen hand to master chef
Real recipes to create in-game and in real life!
Chop, fry, slice, blend, mop, cook your way to culinary superstardom!

- 40 challenging levels
- over 30 cooking recipes
- 4 career levels to advance
- arcade style gameplay
- enjoyable graphics and sound

Adver screens gallery:

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