Title: Split
Release date :  2019
Genre:  FPS
Publisher: PlayWay
Developer: Woodland Games




Split is a FPP puzzle game with unique mechanic, when you can create your own copies and manipulate time.


In the year 2072 the global network has become so advanced that every aspect of the society was controled by an entity called the Shield System.

The system was controlled by an autonomic AI that governed communications, monitoring, security as well as the aglomeration's 24-hour lifecycle, among others.
Millions of calculations per second, complex algorythms coding - all that just to make human life easier.

Any outside input required has been reduced to the bare minimum. The AI did not need the human element, its presence only upset the order that the system created. For the man to control the system, there was a need to create a time control mechanism - one capable of creating clones in real-time to handle multiple advanced operations simultaneously.

The mechanism was called Split.





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