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RunEngine - our technology.

After some years of development, we preparing RunEngine for PS3 console.

Engine is technology - which we use for our upcoming ttles, like Farm Machines Championships.
Its prepared for bigger games for PC Xbox360 and PS3 soon.

We plan to licence RunEngine to other companies, for % from same.

Engine features:

Content creation:
* Both static and animatic assets can be created in any 3D software, with support for most popular texture formats, easily imported to the engine.
* Support for biped skeletal animation, as well as any bone based animation system.
* Easily handled out- or in-doors with advanced optimisation algorithms.
* All the assets are easily put together in the engine editor, with per-object defined logic features, triggers, in-game action chains, possible movements and physics properties.

Render and display:
* Custom shader-based lighting, with support for skylights, pointlights, projectors and fake colour lights and ambient areas.
* Realtime rendered shadows from all types of lights and any objects, including transparent ones.
* Simulation of ambient raytraced reflections and per-pixel ambient occlussion.
* Fully customisable surface properties and materials with wide range of visual effects.
* Wide range of postprocessing effects: depth of field, motion blur, colour control and desaturation, controllable screen refractions.
* Atmospheric support: rain, fogs, fluently changing daytime and skies.
* Convincing water with reflection, refraction, animated surface and sub-scattering.
* Very convincing and optimised plant system, from GPU hardware animated trees to hardware animated fields and lawns.

Game logic:
* Modular engine costruction allows to easily switch parts of the system (like physics or lighting) to create any type of game - from racing games, through FPP shooters, to flight sims.
* Engine editor with visual action and trigger control make gameflow construction and debugging very easy.
* Predefined character AI presets can be used for combat or peaceful player interaction, including dialogues and NPC control.
* Additional vehicle and physics control modules give additional tools to the developer.

* Script back-door to the engine allowing to control most of it's aspects in a text form.
* AI custom script language controlling all the objects and any aspect of any game (as an addition to visual editor tools).
* Easy import of 3D software created movies, camera settings and group animations.
* Easy to handle vehicle presets, including cars, farming machines and even planes and helicopters.

sample of engine efficiency:

some screenshots from Engine:

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